Flies are everywhere. If you think you can kill every fly, you cannot do that. You can use insect fly catcher machines to trap them. Insect fly catcher machine provider in Rajkot brings several safest options to get rid of insect flies from your offices and homes.

Imagine you don’t have to use those harmful chemical releasing machines to kill the mosquitoes and flies inside your home.

A few options readily available in the market that you can buy and use

  • Portable Electric fly catching device
  • Fly catcher machine
  • Sticky fly traps
  • Fly trapping nets
  • Fly trapping bags
  • Electric UV lamp insect killing machine
  • Fruit fly trapping bottle bait

Portable Electric Fly Trap Device

Flies always annoy and contaminate your place and spread disease. Killing flies with your hands can be disgusting and ineffective and using chemicals will harm your health.

Manufacturers have better options to solve this issue. The USB electric fly trap device is 100% non-toxic. There is no harmful chemical is used to trap the flies, so it is completely safe for your family members and pets. The machine is portable and USB powered. You need to switch on the machine and let it function. It will lure the flies and trap them inside.

Fly Catcher Machine

This fly catcher machine is meant for outdoor use only. Fly catching machine has a baited system that will last a longer time. It attracts distinct types of insects and flies including houseflies and blowflies. These are re-usable. Once filled with flies, dump contents, re-bait add water and drop it again. Manufacturers are providing replacement baits.

Sticky fly traps

Yellow Sticky traps are made to attract and trap several species of insects like winged aphids, fungus gnats, olive fruit flies, whiteflies, and cucumber beetles. These glue traps can last longer and you can use them for up to 30 days if glue is not covered by dust, trash, dirt, or insects. Maximum sticky traps contain zero pesticides. However, some manufacturers may use aromas on the sheet to attract certain pests. A few pests readily trapped by sticky traps are cockroaches, spiders, and other crawling insects, mites, and even scorpions.

Fly trapping nets

Fly trapping nets are easy to use and require no tools for setup. You can simply install and detach them anytime. These nets are efficient, safe in use and environmental friendly. You can hang them in your garden, park, restaurant, canteen, garbage room, slaughter house, and other areas where you see most flies.

You can hang it heavy sunlight zone during spring season and in the dark place during summer.

Fly trapping bags

Fly trapping bags are simply designed to handle areas with heavy fly infestation. This is the most economical product and safest option available in the market. It is safe as there is no chemical used to trap flies. There is no mess, no sticky or glued sheets, and no dead flies to handle. This fly trapping bag is disposable product.

You can use it by simply adding sugar water mixture to trap flies. Hang the bag with attached cord. The bag is meant to be used for outdoor areas. You need to keep this bag at least 20 feet away from your living room.

Electric UV lamp insect killing machine

If you are already tired of mosquitoes and nothing worked till now, it’s time to bring Electric UV lamp insect killing machine at your place. This machine uses UV-A technology to attract flies and mosquitoes and zap them once they come in contact with the high voltage inner grid. You don’t need to risk your life by using harmful sprays and chemicals.

The machine is safe for domestic and office use.

Fruit Fly Trapping Bottle Bait

Fruit fly bottle bait trap is extremely effective product that you can simply assemble and hook in your garden or farm field. You can simply maintain this bottle and remove the dead flies.

You can easily get these products in the market. The insect fly catcher machine provider in Rajkot has wide range of electronic and portable fly catching devices for you. You can explore the variety of options there and get the most suitable product for your area.

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